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T1 trunking

We use a 1750 for our internet connection, but the bandwidth on our T1 is getting low.

It has been suggessted that we might consider trunking 2 T1s together for 3Mbps.

Any thoughts, recommendations on the best router(s) to accomplish this, or links to articles regarding this would be most appreciated.


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Re: T1 trunking

You have a couple of options. One is to inverse mux using a hardware IMUX and connect to your router via a HSSI interface, this would require a similar connection on the other end that your ISP may not be cooperative with. A better solution may be to use BGP or MPPP into a 3600 router. BGP requires a minimum of 64MB of memory but 128 would be better. I know that AT&T offers a multiple T1 connection that is available as a managed service as well. (I don't know about any of the other providers for sure)

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Re: T1 trunking

Hi Gordon,

This was the 2nd time I looked at this question. After thinking about it, this might be the time to build yourself some fault tolerance into your network. Having two T-1's from different providers will give you alot of 'backup'. You'll need a WIC-2T serial card. You need to look at . Has anyone a working configuration like this, as I've not used a 1750 before.

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Re: T1 trunking

Without completely dumping your current hardware investment, your best bet would be to use multilink ppp across the two T-1s. You would have to negotiate this with your provider, but it is a feasible solution for uping the bandwidth available on the circuit. The other option would involve purchasing a DL3800 IMUX and a Cisco 3620 equipped with a HSSI network module. As long as you aren't planning on going much beyond two T-1s, the first option will definitely suffice.


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