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T3 Problem

I have a T3 frame circuit which has about 20 subinterfaces defined along with DLCIs. Eache circuit connects to a different location. On of my locations is running into a situation where the keepalives are getting delayed (possibly building in the queue) for more than 10 seconds. The pvc is then torn down and rebuilt. EIGRP re-converges, and there is a loss of connectivity. The CIR for this particular circuit is 768.

What would be the best way to manipulate the keepalives on this circuit in order to give it more time and not be as tempermental? I don't necessarily want to impact all VCs on this DS3, just the one having the issue.

New Member

Re: T3 Problem

Hi Colin,

Although you can use the 'keepalive' interface command, you really should troubleshoot the problem of why your keepalives are being delayed, rather than try to kludge the problem (you'll just end up troubleshooting the real problem later anyway). Try using some 'debug frame-relay ....' (see )

commands (on the tail end router) to see if you can get a starting point on what the real problem is. There really is no excuse for keepalives to be delayed that long. Read all your serial link troubleshooting guides, and how to use debug prior to beginning your adventure will probably pay off bid time. Good Luck!

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