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T3 to T3 WAN Question

I am connecting our main office to an office 1 state over. We are running a site-to-site leased DS3 between the offices. My plan was to implement 2 Cisco 2651XM routers, each with a NM-1T3/E3= T3/E3 Network Module DSU card at each site. I would like some advice on how to configure connectivity between the offices. I would really like some suggestions on what encapsulation to use (PPP, Frame Relay, HDLC). The WAN link will be used to replicate large amounts of data daily for disaster recovery. In addition, the remote office will be connecting to the Internet through the DS3/T3 link to the main office's T1 Internet lines.


Re: T3 to T3 WAN Question

Looks like a fairly straightforward implementation. I'd use HDLC if there is no specific need for other encapsulation.

Static routing will do if this is the only link between the sites. Routing between remote site and internet depends on the topology at your central site.

Depending on the applications used and their bandwidth and delay demands, you might consider implementing some form of QoS. E.g. (CB)WFQ so interactive sessions (http, terminal server, telnet) don't suffer from the heavy replication flows. Of course you can start off without QoS and see how things go.



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Re: T3 to T3 WAN Question

Thanks Herbert,

Good advice. Could you give me some info on implementing QoS? I have never worked with it before. Is QoS built into the IOS or do I need to purchase additional hardware or software?

Can you also tell me why you chose HDLC and whats the advantages of it are (or point me to a document that does)?

Thanks a bunch!

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