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Tagging packets once a web page has been viewed, how???

I cannot afford the $200+ for my home lab for a WLC but I want a defualt splash web page for the users of my Guest VLAN when they first connect to this SSID.

I have seen where people say it can be done wIth ACL's but they do not provide any examples or urls for additional information.

I know the 1231G has an IP redirect feature so with an ACL and IP redirect we can get them to the informational web page. 

Using  ip reflexive-list timeout, their permission will go away after 5 minutes of inactivity. 

What I do not know is how to change the hots's IP packets to be tagged after they have viewed my info page so that they could now surf the Internet.  That is the help I could use from you.  Figuring out the exact syntax is my problem.

I do not care if the users must login, I just want to present some information to them then they can surf from there.  Somethin REAL simple for the users to use.  I do not want them to have to use any passwords or user accouts unless it is abslutly necessary.  There is no RADIUS or TACTAS servers in this network (yet).

In other words, how can I tag all IP packets from a host to "Green" only after they have viewed my local information web page?

No tags get redirected to local info web page via redirect and an ACL.  Once viewed, the client's IP packets are tagged "GREEN".  the ACL sees that the packets are now tagged "GREEN" and now bypass the redirect.  If the client does not send any packets for five minutes, ip reflexive-list timeout clears the "GREEN" tag and they must view the local info web page again.

Can anytone please point me in the right direction?


PS: Another option might be to somehow give the host a new IP on a different VLan (still wireless) once they have viewed the web info.  I had this in the wireless section but no one seems to know how to do what I am looking to do so I thought I would post this here where more people would see it.  Again, thank you in advance!!!!

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