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New Member

TCP-to-X25-Translation + CUG + Source-Subaddressing


I´m currentlly working on a tought X.25 Problem.

I need a TCP to X25 Tanslation with Source-Subaddressing and CUG.

If I use

translate tcp port 2224 stream x25 2224 use-map quiet

25 route ^2224 substitute-dest 1234456 substitute-source 02 int ser 0/1

Int ser 0/0

x25 map pad 2224 cug 1

x25 map pad 1234456 cug 1

the x25-Route is not processed, so no subaddressing is done !!!!!!

debug x25 all

debug translate

*Apr 25 03:14:49.853: tcppad67: fork started

*Apr 25 03:14:49.990: pad_open_connection: found a matching x25 map pad

*Apr 25 03:14:49.990: Serial0/0: X.25 O R1 Call (13) 8 lci 1

*Apr 25 03:14:49.990: From (0): To (4): 2224

*Apr 25 03:14:49.990: Facilities: (2)

*Apr 25 03:14:49.990: Closed User Group (basic): 01

*Apr 25 03:14:49.990: Call User Data (4): 0x01000000 (pad)

I get a call from source (empty) to dest (2224).

Note: I´m using the French Transpac network, so I don´t have to provide my X.121 Address, I just submit the Postfix as my subaddress and the network creates the correct full address.

"X25 route" is the only known way for me to do subaddressing.

X25 map pad xxx cug y" is the only way to use CUG.

Both together don´t seem to work

What can I do ????

Best Regards from Germany

JC Heyer

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New Member

Re: TCP-to-X25-Translation + CUG + Source-Subaddressing

Forgot to mention my IOS etc....

IOS (tm) C2600 Software (C2600-JK2S-M), Version 12.1(10), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 11.3(2)XA4, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

cisco 2610 (MPC860) processor (revision 0x203) with 49152K/16384K bytes of memory.


JC Heyer


Re: TCP-to-X25-Translation + CUG + Source-Subaddressing

Can you try the below:

line vty 0 4

x25 subaddress

Now try the call

New Member

Re: TCP-to-X25-Translation + CUG + Source-Subaddressing

That kind of works.

But then I come to another problem. I need multiple connections to the same destination with different sub-addresses. My Subaddresses are used for accounting different service I use on the other side of the connection.

Don´t blame me, I didn´t come up with the idea of doing the connection this way.

So this solution is not really helpful, because it binds me to only one Sub-Add.

I need to do internal X.25 Routing for multiple X.121 Address-manipulations and then bind those calls to the CUG. But "use-map" and "x25 route" seem to dislike each other.

Any other suggestions ??




Re: TCP-to-X25-Translation + CUG + Source-Subaddressing

the only other suggestion would be use:

line vty x y

x25 subaddress line

this would use the vty line number as the subaddress - you have no control over which subaddress will be used next though. By the way you are using the same translate statment to use different subaddresses => not sure how you can differentiate on the TCP side which subaddress you want to use !!

If you are differentiating on the TCP side (use a different port number), then you can do something like below:

translate tcp port 2224 stream x25 222401 use-map

translate tcp port 2225 stream x25 222402 use-map

New Member

Re: TCP-to-X25-Translation + CUG + Source-Subaddressing

The Problem ist the SOURCE-Address, which I can only manipulate by an X25 route. A randomized X25 subaddress like you mentionend doesn´t help.

It needs to be a 1:1 Mapping

Port 4001 -> Subaddress 01

Port 4002 -> Subaddress 02

(Just an example)

But x25 route + use-map doesn´t work together. Bug or feature ?!?!

I don´t see any other way...




Re: TCP-to-X25-Translation + CUG + Source-Subaddressing

So you mean to say TCP port 4001 -> subaddress 01 and so on. That could be done as below:

translate tcp xxxxx port 4001 x25 2224 use-map

translate tcp xxxxx port 4002 x25 2224 use-map

line vty 0 4

access-class 1 in

line vty 5 10

access-class 2 in

x25 subaddress

line vty 11 15

access-class 3 in

x25 subaddress

access-list 1 (deny translation IP, permit all else)

access-list 2 permit port 4001

access-list 3 permit port 4002

so assign a set of vty lines a certain subaddress and this can only be used if the TCP port matches the access list!!

New Member

Re: TCP-to-X25-Translation + CUG + Source-Subaddressing

Hmmm, that might work.

But it´s a really weird workaround.

Nobody will understand in two weeks what I did there and why....

I´ll try that one.