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Teaming servers to multiple switches

I am looking for a configuration guide / example that shows how to connect a Server with multiple NIC's to 2 different switches for failover. The servers could be Window's or Unix based. Thank you.

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Re: Teaming servers to multiple switches

If you are plugging to two different switches, you will use the standard configuration in the switch side by entering the following on each port:

switchport mode access

switchport access vlan #

You can't team ports when the redundant source device is connecting to two different hardware.

Re: Teaming servers to multiple switches

take server with two NIC and plug the network cables in to two different ports of the switch and configure switch port for appropriate vlan using command

switchpot access vlan n



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Re: Teaming servers to multiple switches

Are you sure that we can't plug a a teamed NIC in 2 differents switch ? Doest it only true for non-stackable switch.

What can I do about teaming with 2 C2960 ?

Thanks !


Re: Teaming servers to multiple switches

Pardon the sacrilage ...

Nortel stackables (and chassis) do allow you to have "Etherchannel" style bandwidth multiplication and teaming across multiple devices.

No details here, this is a Cisco forum.

Good Luck


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Re: Teaming servers to multiple switches

Actually, on the 3750s if stacked at least, I believe this is now possible to channel those ports.

I'm not sure if that carries over to the 2970s or not.

The "other company" called this "Split Multi Link Trunking". I'm not sure if Cisco calls it Split Etherchannel or not, but I'm 99% sure that that was one of the benefits of the stacked 3750s for uplinks, and there's no reason that it wouldn't apply to servers too, so long as they are capable of etherchannels.


Re: Teaming servers to multiple switches


You sure can plug-in teamed NICs into 2 different switches but then those switches should be having the same vlans and possibly running on a redundant setup as in HSRP.

Please note that it is different from aggregation, that is the link-bandwidth wouldnt be aggregated. This setup is for your basic redundancy.

Hope this helps!



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