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Telnet In

I am loosing my mind with this one. Pehaps someone can shine a light on the problem.

I have a machine inside the local LAN that I want to TELNET into from the WAN. I can TELNET into this machine from anywhere in the LAN with no problem.

I setup static NAT on the firewall and I still cannot telnet in from the outside. I temporarly opened up the firewall inbound and I still couldn't get anything.

Just to test the firewall (and the NAT'ing) I put a static NAT map to a Linux machine inside the network and SSH'ed in from the WAN with NO problem.

What is stopping my TELNET!!??


Re: Telnet In

Check the config of the router to see if there is an access-class under the "line vty x y". An access-class refers to an ACL which specifies permissions to access the router.




Re: Telnet In

providing the config for ssh to a linux is working fine, i am guessing the issue is with routing.

just wondering if the host you were trying to telnet to have the firewall as the default gateway.

also, please advise what sort of firewall are we discussing here. ios or pix?

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Re: Telnet In

The firewall is actually a SonicWall Pro 3060. The only Cisco equipment in this picture is the router. I bet the system I am trying to telnet into has the wrong default gateway. I didn't think that it would matter. I will check on that.

Thanks for the replies!!

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