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Telnet Issues on Cisco2950's

I noticed I've been receiving error from a Solaris DHCP Mgr server trying to login via telnet. A script on the server is trying login continuoulsy login to the CATOS. Anyone know where I can start to find the script on the server and how I can remove this?

switch1> (enable) 2006 Feb 21 06:50:18 PST -08:00

switch01> %MGMT-5-LOGIN_FAIL:User failed to log in from

switch01> via Telnet - max attempt reached

Thanks in advance!!


Re: Telnet Issues on Cisco2950's

The number of telnet connection is being exceeded thus the error message. Switches don't allow unlimited number of telnet connections. If you limit the number of users that are allowed to telnet to the switch, then you shouldn't see these messages.

New Member

Re: Telnet Issues on Cisco2950's

Hi there,

This might be a solution.

If it is just a script, have a look at the crontab files to see if the script has been scheduled at some point.

For Solaris I understand there are two crontabs - one for users: /var/spool/cron/crontabs

and one for the system: /etc/crontab.

If it is a scheduled script the path to the script should be listed next to the execution time.

If it is a script and not something that an application is doing you can remove the script from the system.

1: remove the appropriate line from the crontab file using vi on the Solaris system. This will stop the script being executed at specific times.

This should leave the script unused.

If you want to remove the script use:

rm /path/to/file/filename.

I hope that this is of some help



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