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TFTP not working

I am having some problems with my 3620 and want to backup the config. I can't back up the start-up because I get the error:C3620#copy startup-config tftp

Address or name of remote host []?

Destination filename [startup-config]? y

%Error opening nvram:/startup-config (Not enough space), this is why I want a backup. However when I try to do this with the running config it just sends me back to the en prompt. Using same windows machine and tftp server etc. this works fine with my 3640. Any ideas?

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Re: TFTP not working

I believe the TFTP server should be in the same network as the router or the router should be the gateway of the tftp server. I hope this helps.

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Re: TFTP not working

Thanks for your response. They are in the same network, the ip address in my message was changed to protect the innocent. I have been successful in the past. I am wondering if it is because of the other problem with the router. I am having a memory issue: C3620#sh config

Using 25109 out of 30712 bytes, uncompressed size = 89404 bytes

%Error opening nvram:/startup-config (Not enough space, which may have been caused by two VTY sessions accessing or writing to memory. I want to do a reload but if it fails and I have no backup it would not be a happy day for me.

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Re: TFTP not working

I would hazard to guess that you are having something other than a TFTP problem. Take a look at your logs, do a 'show ver' and make sure all your (flash, flash card) memory is OK, and that you have enough memory to support the IOS you are running. Look at your boot mode, make sure that's OK. In general, your tftp error looks like a symptom of something else that's wrong. Clear files out off the flash card that aren't needed anymore.

Did you know you can copy the running-config to your flash card:

'copy run disk0:run-conf'

Then do:

'copy disk0:run-conf tftp://'

(or use whatever directory you put it in)

Have a wonderful Cisco Day!

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