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New Member

TFTP problems

The whole thing is down now. I have a Rommon sign. No idea. I just want to install the ios. Can't believe its this tough.

So I can't actually get the PC to talk to the router over ethernet, just through the console.

I have a cross-over from networkcard on the PC to the Ethernet port on the router.

On the PC the red cross won't go away unless I plug the previously peer-to-peered PC back.

What I need to do is tell it to stop looking for the other PC and to look for the router.

My experience with PC's and the Win2k system is not very good.

Maybe I should re-install win2K but this seems a bit drastic.

Any ideas?

The config on the router is lost so I just want to connect to it as if it where a disaster/recovery situation at put a new ios on it.

Also the disk has these files on them called D:\Images\12.0\aaa1316





Is this the image? Do they need to be put together?

Please any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Jason Thompson

London, England

New Member

Re: TFTP problems

those are not ios files. it depends on what router you are using, the imagine files are different. For example, it should start with the router name like c2620 something, and end with .bin extension. You don't need a win2k PC, all you need is a pc that works (win9x;win2k; dos or unix), connect the PC serial with the console cable to the router. you need to use the xmodem command to download image to the router. you need to download the image (if you don't already have one) from the cisco website under software.

hope this help.

New Member

Re: TFTP problems


Sunny has right you must need first the IOS images but if you want to use TFTP you must be shure that your router don't have some access-list restriction in it configuration file. try to remove all the access-list from the router config file and after try to issue the tftp copy flash but beaware for use tftp you MUST have a IOS image on your router. In case you haven't you must use the method specified by Sunny.

Hope this will help.


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