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the problem between cisco 2948G and 4006

my consumer have a 2948G and a cisco 4006 and made a FEC using 2 FE port in every switch,now 20 PC connected with 2948G,2 IBM server connected with ,and a server used for FTP server ,but zhe ftp speed using ftp client on PC to download file from ftp server is very slowly only 3~10kbps .

i'd checked the cat5 cable ,FE port and the port speed ,duplex all these are sample ,but i couldn't find what's wrong with the tow switcht?

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Re: the problem between cisco 2948G and 4006

the 2948 and 4006 use the same software and are almost the same hardware and have about 4 Gigs on the backplane. Your etherchannel should give you 200Ms between chassis.

Run a ping from one switch to the other to see if the channel is over used (or use an NMS). If the link is over used add another link to the channel...

If the response times are good, you have a problem on your end devices. run a ping between these systems to check response times.

If the times are marginally different to the switch response times, you know the problem is related to end device. If the times are the same, start pinging from each machine to each machine to isolate the latency.

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Re: the problem between cisco 2948G and 4006

thank steven-dunn

i'd try all the ways ,and could'nt solve the problem,so i would to upgrade the IOS and the ROM

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