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The use of WS-CAC-6000W power supply

We are replacing the entire network in a refinery, using  more than 100 Cisco switches.

I’d appreciate your help on a specific issue


There are two supplies WS-CAC-6000W for the VS-C6513E-SUP2T

Each supply is connected to two 220VAC power inputs

Each 220VAC input of a power supply connects from distinct electrical panels

2-Fail scenario:

What happens if an electrical panel is off ?


The data sheet says that if single input is active, and running from 220VAC, the unit is capable of providing 2900W. The same data sheets says if there two power supplies they operate in load-sharing so, the output will be 6000w still

4-Is that conclusion correct?



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Each 220VAC input of a power

Each 220VAC input of a power supply connects from distinct electrical panels

I have no idea who implemented this but this is incorrect. 


Each PS has two input feeds.  This is correct.  Both input feeds MUST go to the same power source.  Let's say you have two power feeds (like anyone else):  One is "raw" power and one is UPS power. 


So for PS 1, for instance, both input feeds must go to "raw" power.  For PS 2, both feeds must go to UPS.  


Your current setup means that one input feed from for each PS goes to "raw" power and the other input feed goes to UPS.  This won't work.  If you fail to UPS, the each power supply does/will NOT have enough input to power the line cards in the chassis.  

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