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Time based configs...

Is there a way to have a different config applied to a router based on time. I have a VOIP implementation that works great during the day, but at night, when nobody is at their phones, I would like to turn off my traffic shaping and QOS so that I can do backups across the WAN. Before the traffic shaping, I could do backups across the wAN in about 3.5 hours. Now that I have traffic shaped to the CIR, it takes more than 8 hours. I would be pleased to buy 3rd party software if necessary. Thank you for your thoughts.



Re: Time based configs...


You could try to use access-lists with time-ranges, but you may also need to change the method of QoS depending what you're currently using to get most ideal results. Which method are you using and whats your WAN layout?

If your WAN is Frame relay and you're doing FRTS then I don't think there is a way to remove the FRTS values (bc, be, cir, mincir) without having a script running on a external machine that automatically telnets in, makes changes, etc. Same goes for most other values.

See URL below for time-range ACLs:

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Re: Time based configs...

Yes it is Frame-Relay and I am trying to remove FRTS based on time of day. I know about using the time-range ACLs and I cant apply a time-range to where it would need to go. I am using LLQ on these routers, so I would need to apply the time-range on the map-class, but IOS does not allow that. Any other thoughts, or do you know of a 3rd party system that can automatically telnet and upload configs based on time of day?


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