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Too many MLS entries in 6509

I noticed that my 6509 with MSFC has over 33000 entries in the MLS IP entry table. Most of them are Internet destinations. The router's route table only has 1087 routes, one being a default route.

This is an older MSFC and the Super is a SUP-1A. I thought that this generation of Super got the entries from the MSFC but it looks like the Super is gleaning info for its MLS table from source/dest of packets going by.

For a site with a lot of internet access the MLS table will get very large.

Does anyone know how big the table can get? Is there some point at which performance would be better by routing and using a default route? Finally, are there any configuration parameters that affect this behavior (other than disabling MLS)?


Re: Too many MLS entries in 6509

You can either reduce the MLS aging time to purge entries quicly or disable it for the specific vlan on the MSFC that is used for the default route.


Re: Too many MLS entries in 6509

What do you have the flows setup as .If you have them as full then you will have a lot more entries than if you have them one way . Also if you have someone on the network that has one of the more viruses this will increase the flows tremendously , try using the cache flow feature to see if you any particular addresses that are causing the increased entries .

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