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Hello all,

For a while I have been thinking about posing this question. It is about the forum and what it does to our business opportunities.

I have noted that many end-users have found the way to this forum. They are using it to solve problems for which they would otherwise have to hire someone.

Now that someone could be me, we are a company that work exclusively with Cisco, so in a way one could say that business is reduced because the forum exists.

Luckily, the opposite has occurred also: there are customers who use the forum to select parties to do some work for them. It does occur, but rarely and I am afraid that the group who is using the forum to reduce their company's IT expenses is far bigger.

Now, when I would not answer questions on the forum, (which is fun to do) someone else will and besides, it is also a good way to promote the use of Cisco solutions.

Still I was wondering if other people with relatively high scores have never asked themeselves a similar question.

What do you think the forum does to your business' results and opportunities?




Re: Top NetPro's only

Well you have a point I guess . But if you can help someone I think most people will . The thing that amazes me is some of the easy stuff that gets asked and you have to be amazed by people who let them touch their networks. Thats scary in itself. Also most of the stuff can be found on even if you don't have a CCO account so they are too lazy to look it up.

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