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Traceroute from router vs desktop

I have a quick question. I have a VIP configure on a local director.

When I perform traceroutes from any desktop on any of my networks I get a complete traceroute output.

When I perform an extended traceroute form the router's corresponding ethernet interface I hit the last hop and then the output shows * * * and never finishes. Performing traacroutes to the real servers in lieu of the VIP completes the traceroute.

My question is why does the traceroute from the router not finish but the traceroute from the desktop does?

Thanks in advance.

Community Member

Re: Traceroute from router vs desktop

I have researched a similar problem in the past but not exactly the same. What I have observed is that when the traceroute originates from a router or any cisco device, they are sent out too fast. As the UDP packets are usually throttled on the cisco devices, you never get responses for few packets. That is the reason you see a * there. On the other hand when you do the same thing from a desktop, the trace packets are sent with sufficient gap so they get replies for all the packets that are sent. May be same applies to your problem too. Just guessing.

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