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Traffic Redirect on a 3550 layer 3 switch

We have a need to redirect all port 80 traffic coming from a specified network to a different gateway than the default gateway on a 3550 layer 3 switch. Any help on this would be appreciated.

The network that we need to direct is and should be redirected to What we are trying to accomplish is redirect the port 80 traffic on the network to a content filtering server which will also NAT and sent out to the Internet. However, the network sits down one router hop from the 3550 so we can not directly route the traffic, rather have to rely on the source address of the sending machines.


Re: Traffic Redirect on a 3550 layer 3 switch

I was unable to test this, but according to the docs, it should be something like this:

route-map NET100 permit 10 :define a route-map

match ip address 111 :define the access-list to be used

set ip next-hop :redirect the traffic

access-list 111 permit ip any eq http : matches your traffic

int vlan xx

ip policy route-map NET100 :point to the route-map for traffic on this interface.

I have looked this up in the config guide for the 3550, and it is there.

In my IOS-version, I was unable to assign the route-map to the interface.

It lets me define the route-map OK, but there is no IP policy .. on the interface command list. Probably a version-issue, you may not be able to do this with the standard sw image, an upgrade may be reqyired. Still, it is a way to solve your problem.



Re: Traffic Redirect on a 3550 layer 3 switch

I noticed a typo in the access-list. It should be something like:

access-list 111 permit tcp any eq http

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Re: Traffic Redirect on a 3550 layer 3 switch

Thanks for the feedback on this issue. As you mentioned, I too was able to define the route-map OK, but when assigning it to an interface, it appears not to work. What is different on mine, is that there is an ip policy command, and when I enter the command it simply returns to the command line, no errors. So you would assume it took, but if you sh run, the policy does not show on the interface.

Anyone else with suggestions? Can this be done successfully on a 3550 switch? I am running version 12.1.13(EA1) with te EMI image.

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