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Trouble Connecting Cat4006 to Cat4006

Help Urgently needed

We have two campus sites, each site has a Cat4006 in it's own VTP domain. Last week a new, fully tested, 100Mbps Ethernet fibre link became operational between the two sites. Despite all our efforts we cannot get the two Cisco Cat4006 to communicate.

Campus A has a cat4006 Supervisor II engine and Layer 3 Blade. It is at the heart of forty Cat2950 switches in a number of VLANs and is also connected to three Cisco Routers (10 Mbps Ethernet) on remote sites - all working properly.

Campus B has a Cat4006 Supervisor III engine connected to 15 Cat2950 in a number of VLANs also working properly.

We can ping the two ports used and both routing tables accept the opposite ports address as the next hop. On Campus A (SupII + L3 blade) the existing 3 router ports show as connected and trunking, whereas the port between Campus A - B shows as notconnect and not trunking.

Can anyone help please, is there a specific way to set up these switches to talk

to each other?


Re: Trouble Connecting Cat4006 to Cat4006

If you are configuring trunking between the switches using dynamic negotiation of trunks between the switches using the 'desirable' or 'auto' keywords, the switches may not trunk in your case since they belong to different VTP domains. I think you will have to force them to trunk using the 'on' keyword or 'nonegotiate' option. Alternately, if they both belong to same VTP domain, the dynamic negotiation can bring up the trunk. Look at this page for some excellent documents on trunking :

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