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Troubles Setting up 2501 and 2514 routers to allow....

Hey Gals/Guys

I am having trouble setting up my routers. I have two locations that require internet. the Remote location is using the 2501 router, with the Network connected thru AUX. I have a PPP connection thru serial 0 on this router, wich is connected to my other router (over a microwave system) 2514. This connection is IP Unumbered, and works fine, but I am having troubles being able to 'see' connections from one side to the other.

when telneting into 2501(tommy) from the local network I can ping the 2514 (City) router, but not anything connected ie AUI 1 or AUI 0.

Once I telnet from 2501 and remote login to 2514, I can then ping these connections (AUI 0 is connected to the second Network, while AUI 1 is connected to the internet). But when I login to the 2514 (city) router localy, I am able to ping right thru to the 2501 (tommy) network, which ever computer is connected to it.

here are my IP's for each network. (They are class C so.....)

router 2501 has an IP of (tommy the remote location)

router 2514 has an IP of for AUI 0 (city the local location)

and an IP of for the internet. (city the local location)

The internet connection is from an ADLS modem connected to a linxsys router to allow for another local network to use the internet (Mine), theoretically all internet trafic being routed from 2514 will directly go to this linxsys router and directed to the internet.

Any suggestions on how I can configure these for allowing both networks to use the internet?



Re: Troubles Setting up 2501 and 2514 routers to allow....

You must either run some routing protocols between those two routers or create static routes everywhere appropriately. Also since you are using private IP addresses, you may have to some NAT at the exit router into the internet - HTH

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