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Troubleshooting 2948G issue

I am having issues with my Backup server being able to complete its backup jobs on multiple servers. Sporadically, when running primarily FULL backups of 10 servers, usually on 1 out of 3 servers, it will throw up an error stating lost network connection.

I have all my servers including my backup server (Veritas Backup Exec) connected to a 2948G switch. I find no errors on the switch ports.

To me it seems like, once there is a large amount of data to send across the wire to my backup server it will usually cause backup exec to fail, thinking for some reason it has lost connection.

In addition, i use SolarWinds software to monitor my switches and servers and when this backup process is running, i start getting alerts from SW that various severs are down (lost conn via ICMP).

COuld this be an issue with this switch, even though i see no errors on individual ports? It seems like maybe its getting congested somehow and it stops passing traffic.

Are there any other troubleshooting tips someone can give me?


Re: Troubleshooting 2948G issue

Is the backup server located on this switch ? If not then are all backups going across a single link ? If so then you may be overutilizeing the link that these backups go across . Also remember that icmp is generally given low priority on most devices so even though you may miss a ping does not necesarily mean the traffic is stopped it just may be very busy . I would look for a single point of possible trouble like a uplink that may be getting overun , once you get above 90% on full duplex switch link there is the possibility of the switch dropping packets . I'm not sure what the backplane capacity on the 2948 , when this is happening do a "show system" command or show traffic and this will give you the backplane utilization .

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