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Troubleshooting errdisabled on 6500

Having problems with errdisabled ports on 6500's. Most causes are from late collisions. I know that this can be caused by NIC, cable, or port. Auto negotion during PC bootup seems to be the biggest cause. Any one have any tips on how to fix this problem? Besides turning errdisable off, which is not a option.

Thanks for any information.

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Re: Troubleshooting errdisabled on 6500

No other way other than to fix the late collisions. The following page should help

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Re: Troubleshooting errdisabled on 6500

The late collisions seem to happen at PC startup during auto negotiation. The only real way to fix this is to hard set switchport and client to 100/full. Which we really dont like to do in this enviroment because end-users are always moving to different buildings. Then when a new user comes and trys to hook up with auto-auto set on the NIC it wont work. Are there are other alternatives?


Re: Troubleshooting errdisabled on 6500

The switch is detecting collisions when it thinks the link is full duplex. Negotiation is failing. you need to investigate why and may have to hard configure the switch and/or hosts.

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