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Troubleshooting "Gateway of last resort is not set"

A router (R-1601) receives a default route via RIP from a L3 switch (C-6500).

R-1601 is also configured to generate a default route (default-information originate).

When everything is working fine (normal operation), the following can be seen from R-1601:


Gateway of last resort is X.X.X.252 to network

<other info removed>

R* [120/4] via X.X.X.252, 00:00:04, Ethernet0

[120/4] via X.X.X.253, 00:00:17, Ethernet0

[120/4] via Y.Y.Y.252, 00:00:04, Ethernet0

[120/4] via Y.Y.Y.253, 00:00:17, Ethernet0


Both R-1601 and C-6500 are on the same building.

After a power failure, the following can be seen from R-1601:


Gateway of last resort is not set

<other info removed>

R* is possibly down, routing via Y.Y.Y.252, Ethernet0


<R-1601 config>


interface Ethernet0

ip address Y.Y.Y.251 secondary

ip address X.X.X.251


router rip

version 2

redistribute static metric 4

passive-interface BRI0

network Y.Y.0.0

network X.X.0.0

default-information originate


no ip http server

ip classless

ip route Z.Z.0.0 BRI0 X.X.X.253 150


Is this normal? Because even after the C-6500 has finished booting up,

the route is still down. I was thinking that the routing table of R-1601

should be updated once it receives the default route from the C-6500.

I've used the following documents as my reference:

Any helpful input is greatly appreciated.


VIP Purple

Re: Troubleshooting "Gateway of last resort is not set"


after rebooting the 1601 issue the command:

debug ip rip


debug ip routing

Since RIP is usually slow converging, it might take a while. Or try to issue the command:

clear ip route *

on the 1601. Also, can you post the config of your 6500 as well ?




Re: Troubleshooting "Gateway of last resort is not set"

First of all, thanks for your interest in this post, GP.

I'm afraid I can't reboot or debug the 1601 right now. Actually, the router was

already rebooted by our customer and I can say it's back to normal. I also thought

that clearing the routing table might resolve the issue. But we cannot do this

everytime a problem (power outage, link failure, etc.) occurs.

The 1601 router replaced another router. The previous router was a 7200.

I compared the old and new configs and I think one line was mistakenly erased.

ip route X.X.X.254 200

The static route above was missing from the new config.

I'm thinking if this route has something to do with the problem.

I'd like to try adding it to the 1601 but still I won't be able to perform the test

on a live network.

Here's the 6500 config:


interface Vlan10

ip address Y.Y.Y.253 secondary

ip address X.X.X.253

no ip redirects

no ip unreachables

ip rip send version 2

ip rip receive version 2

standby 10 ip Y.Y.Y.254

standby 10 preempt

standby 20 ip X.X.X.254

standby 20 preempt



router rip

version 2

redistribute static metric 2

network A.A.0.0

network B.B.0.0

network C.C.0.0

network Y.Y.0.0

network X.X.0.0

distribute-list 10 out Vlan10

no auto-summary


No static default route is configured on this switch because the default

route/information is coming from another L3 switch.

Thanks again,


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