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Trunk communication

There is a communication between 2 different CISCO switches and this connection is configured as "set trunk off" and "set vlan 2".

We'd like to know with there is some advantage or disadvantage to configure it as a trunk using just one VLAN between 2 different CISCO switches or is better and correct to use the current configuration as an access port in this communication.


Re: Trunk communication

Configure a trunk if you need to pass traffic from multiple vlans from one switch to another switch.

If you want to pass traffic from one switch to another switch and all the traffic is on one vlan, then there is no need to configure a trunk.

For now if you want to configure a trunk, it's a good idea to only allow vlan 2 across the trunk and prune all other vlans off the trunk.

in this case, the only advantage to configuring The only advantage to using a trunk is, if you want to pass another vlan's traffic between the 2 switches, you can do this without causing any network outage. All you need to do is just add that additional vlan to the trunk ( assuming you pruned all the vlans except vlan 2 off the trunk in the first place )

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