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Two 6513 switches for redundancy


I am looking for a peice of information regarding 2 6513 switches connected for redundancy and for the use of GLBP. I have to install and configure them. Please let me know which interfaces will be used to connect both the switches together and on which module. Please tell me the interface name and also the module name with other relevant info. I will really appreciate if somebody can pass on this info. to me.

Thanks in advace!

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Re: Two 6513 switches for redundancy

A cheaper solution would be to get redundant cards and power supllies for one chassis.



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Re: Two 6513 switches for redundancy

I think configuring GLBP is not possible in 6500 MLS switches.

Since this switch uses VLAN interfaces for Layer3 VLAN routing (which use single MAC address of the chasis).

However you can configure HSRP/VRRP between the same VLAN interfaces of 2 boxes and all hosts in that perticular L2 VLAN poiting to the HSRP/VRRP virtual IP as the gateway and get redundancy.

Here for BOX (switch)redendancy you may need to connect the hosts to both the swithces and configure multipath on the hosts. so that if one BOX fails also the host can communicate through the other box.

For more info on GLBP pls refer to

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