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Unable to connect 3550 to 3524XL switch


I'm trying to connect a 3550 to a 3524XL switch. I have a crossover cable but I still have a down/down state on both ports. If I plug the cord into 2 ports on the 3550 it works. If I plug it into 2 ports on the 3524xl nothing happens. WHen I connect a router ethernet port to the 3524xl it comes up so I'm at a loss as to what would cause it. Keepalive, bandwidth, etc.....all is the same on both ends. Am I using the wrong type of cable. I've tried numerous crossover cables but it just isn't coming up. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Re: Unable to connect 3550 to 3524XL switch

Hi Daniel,

is the cross cable working properly(trying checking by connecting 2 PC's back to back) since you say that 3550 & 3524 ports r fine, how abt when u connect a pc to those on the 2 switchez? hav 2 set anything on the portz?try these optionz & lemme know.


Re: Unable to connect 3550 to 3524XL switch

Are both ends set as auto for speed and duplex . Are you sure the 3524 is in a operational state ? Anything in the logs , did fail POST or anything of that nature ? Also make sure the 3550 port is setup as a switchport and not a routed port .

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Re: Unable to connect 3550 to 3524XL switch

Well, I found out (with a little more research) that you need to use the pin out T568B for the crossover cable. Thanks anyway.

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