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Unable to load CWI on C2948G

I have a new Catalyst 2948G-GE-TX switch and I’m trying to copy the web interface to it, however it can’t find the file on the TFTP server.

I’ve downloaded two copies of the file from different ISPs in case one was corrupted, the first file matches the boot image version. I’ve also tried two TFTP servers (connected directly into the switch) but each time it tells me it can’t see the image.

For example:

Console> (enable) copy tftp flash

IP address or name of remote host []?

Name of file to copy from [cat4000-cv.8-3-2-glx.bin]? cat4000-cv.8-3-2-glx.bin

File not found.

TFTP connection fail(0).

I’ve been able to copy other files to/from the TFTP server, and am able to boot from it, so the comms are there. I’ve also renamed the file to “a” and put it in the root of my C drive.

I’m stumped, any ideas?




Re: Unable to load CWI on C2948G

Since only this particular file is not loading from tfdtp server, I think the file may be corrupted. So, I would better suggest5 you to download the file again and load it into another pc instead of loading it into tftp server. Then you copy it from that pc to your switch. In most occasions, this solution has helped.

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