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New Member

Understanding Call-Tracker output

Platform: AS5300

IOS : 12.2.12

Modemsw: Mica


Since a few months i am using calltracker on AS5300's to get some CDR's. It works like clockwork and together with mysql you can get a great overview of what is going on.

Now there is one problem:

When i take a look in the raw calltracker data there is a field called "rx/tx chars"

And this is followed by two numbers.

What do thes two numbers represent is the question.

Looking on CCO and all the documentation i could find. The explanation is:

"Number of characters received and transmitted by the host modem. It should be noted that this figure also includes any authentication characters and so will not match the interface counters."

What is a character? Is it a bit ? Is it a byte?





If this numbers are in bits then i don't have to worry about my access servers because this is what is sent and received in 4 seconds.

I hope somebody can help me.......


Martijn Koopsen

Cisco Employee

Re: Understanding Call-Tracker output

Those numbers are in BYTES. Those chars are before any compression.

So even if those are bits, the numbers are very high for a dialup link for 4 sec. duration.

New Member

Re: Understanding Call-Tracker output

So..... if the numbers are in bytes.... the following dialer has received 1,9 MBytes and transmitted 17,4 MBytes in just 261 seconds? Thats roughly transmit: 65,3KB/sec and Receive:7,3 KB/sec???

Feb 6 08:31:47 xxxxx 45221: Feb 6 08:31:45: %CALLTRKR-6-CALL_RECORD: ct_hndl=5090, service=PPP, origin=Answer, category=Modem, DS0 slot/port/ds1/chan=0/1/1/0, called=xxxxxxx, calling=xxxxxxxx, resource slot/port=1/55, userid=xxxxxxxxxx,, mask=, account id=11551, setup=02/06/2003 08:25:37, conn=0.14, phys=21.95, service=22.86, authen=22.86, init-rx/tx b-rate=24000/49333, rx/tx chars=1969790/17478540, time=261.47, disc subsys=CSM, disc code=0x2, disc text=Received an unexpected onhook event

It really confuses me...................

Cisco Employee

Re: Understanding Call-Tracker output is confusing..That counters output is not correct. May be a issue with ios. Have you seen many call's data reported like that? What does "sh modem operational-status x/y" reports for that modem?

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