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upgrade IOS on 3550 w/ Gig ports

Good morning,

I am in the middle of IOS upgrades and kind of stuck! I have a 3550 that has 12 gig interfaces, 10 of which are fiber and 2 of which are copper interfaces. I want to try to minimize the amount of downtime as much as possible. Obviously it's going to come down when I have to reload.

Here is my question. Is there a way for me to upgrade the IOS from one of the 10 Gig fiber interfaces? I tried using a media converter (fiber to copper) to connect my laptop to the switch, but I couldn't get the interface to come up. The media converter is 10/100Mbps and I couldn't find a way to change the speed on the interface of the switch to match that. Both copper interfaces are currently being used. The device is unmanaged so I cannot upgrade it remotely.




Re: upgrade IOS on 3550 w/ Gig ports


I dont think you can make use of a media converter which is different in speed when compared to the port speed of the switch.

If you have 10/100Mbps port connecting to the Gig port on the switch whichs again 1000Mbps the port wont come up at all and you wont be to get them synced...

We did try something inline with this quite sometime back and failed with that.

what i can suggest is to logon to the console port of the switch and configure a vlan ip.

hook up your pc on any of the ethernet ports and configure on the same subnet to which the vlan belongs too.

Check the ip reachability to the switch from the local pc and upload the ios using TFTP..


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