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upgrade IOS on a 3640 !

I think I should learn the key facts how to find and identify to go through any IOS upgrade process and here I am stuck again and unsure which one can be added on.......

We need to upgrade this 3640 to its latelst bugg free IOS I possibly can.


1) Which would be the latest stable IOS which can be installed on this router

2) Upgrading the flash would that enable us to upgrade it to any better IOS ? the custoemr is open for suggestions hardware and software

They hvae two 3640 routers onsite.

IF anyone can advise, any help will be greatly appreciated.


cisco 3640 (R4700) processor (revision 0x00) with 32768K/32768K bytes of memory.

Processor board ID 14466477

R4700 CPU at 100Mhz, Implementation 33, Rev 1.0

Bridging software.

X.25 software, Version 3.0.0.

8 Low-speed serial(sync/async) network interface(s)

DRAM configuration is 64 bits wide with parity disabled.

125K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.

8192K bytes of processor board System flash (Read/Write)

--More-- Configuration register is 0x2142

Router>show flash

System flash directory:

No files in System flash

[0 bytes used, 8388608 available, 8388608 total]

8192K bytes of processor board System flash (Read/Write)



Re: upgrade IOS on a 3640 !


do you have access to this link:

CISCO software center?

you can check all platforms and IOS versions and features sets on it.

but for 3640

12.4.8 (LD),

c3640-js-mz.124-8.bin mem:128mb flash:32mb release 16-MAY-2006

Hope this help,

if it does, please rate this post.


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Re: upgrade IOS on a 3640 !

yes I do have access to that link.

I always would get confused with the steps





which would make me beleive that is the right IOS for this device or a specific device for e..g this 3640


Re: upgrade IOS on a 3640 !

you're welcome,

Please remember to post helpfull post.



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Re: upgrade IOS on a 3640 !

I will surely rate the post but can you kindly explain a little how you confidentaly reached that conclusion ?

for e.g.

how can you confirm that this IOS can be installed on this router i.e. will it fit in the flash and is there enough memory for it.

I have managed to get the show ver of this rotuer but I need to understnad some basics so i can do this on my own in future.

The image file you have suggested earlier I am guessing this will not require any hardware upgrades correct ?


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