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New Member

Upgrade of IOS on 6509 MSFC


I have a WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE with MSFC & PFC, recently I faced a strange problem when I upgraded the IOS on the 6509 MSFC.

The current software versions on my device are as follows.

6509 Cat OS = 7.4(3)

MSFC IOS = 12.1(4)E1

I upgraded the MSFC to the new IOS version 12.1(19).E1a.

After upgrading the IOS of the MSFC I found that from the msfc I could ping the msfc vlan interfaces but not ping or communicate with any other devices

on the network, not even the 6509 sc0 interface.

After restoring the original IOS everything was back to normal.

Has anyone faced a similar problem ?

Thanks in advance.




Re: Upgrade of IOS on 6509 MSFC

Nope we have almost the same config and levels, 6509 with 7.4.3 and 12.1.19E1 and it's been running great for the past 2 weeks without problems and did not have any problems installing it on the boxes .

New Member

Re: Upgrade of IOS on 6509 MSFC


Had a similiar problem, but at the same time of the code upgrade we were going to single router mode as we have redundant sup1a/pfc/msfc2s in slot 1 and 2.

We are still running at catos 7.4(3) and c6msfc2-jsv-mz.121-19.E on our msfc2. But we are not running single router mode. During our troubleshooting of this similar problem the TAC rep had us shutdown MLS on the msfc vlan interface which we were connected to and this resolved the problem. We have other issues at different sites where we are running the same code versions and same hardware. Each time we open a case TAC questions the MLS operation. I am curious what is the hardware version of your MSFC and PFC when you do a sh ver on your switch?

New Member

Re: Upgrade of IOS on 6509 MSFC

Hi Thomas,

Have pasted an o/p of the show version for the msfc and pfc.

Mod Port Model Serial # Versions

--- ---- ------------------- ----------- ---------------

1 2 WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE SAD042607YV Hw : 3.2

Fw : 5.3(1)

Fw1: 5.1(1)CSX

Sw : 7.4(3)

Sw1: 7.4(3)

WS-F6K-PFC SAD04330KZP Hw : 1.1

15 1 WS-F6K-MSFC SAD04330A2L Hw : 1.4

Fw : 12.1(4)E1

Sw : 12.1(4)E1

New Member

Re: Upgrade of IOS on 6509 MSFC


Thanks for the quick reply. Did not think you would even see it since you posted 2 months ago.

The only thing similiar I see is the PFC hw1.1. We are using the same model card though our HW is 7.0 at the sites we have had problems. We are also using MSFC2s.

What is strange is that each site this has occured at we upgraded to 7.4(3) and 12.1.19(E) on the MSFC2 on sup1a/pfc/msfc2. Sites which we upgraded on sup2/pfc2/msfc2 no issues as of yet. Thereis also a site which we did not go to 12.1.19(E) which the problem has not come up.

Have you had this problem reoccur? If so what has TAC told you?

New Member

Re: Upgrade of IOS on 6509 MSFC


Well for another of my site I had faced the similar problem, but found that if I shutdown the vlan 1 interface and enable it again the same starts to work perfectly. I plan to try the IOS upgrade after doing a CatOS upgrade to the next level first, but have not got around to testing it out as yet.

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