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Upgrade path for 3620 with an NM-4T1-IMA

We are currently running c3620-is-mz.122-12a in the 3620 routers which have the IMA module in them and they work fine (with the exception that I sure wish the IOS would support CBR on this module).

Due to the IPv4 bug we attempted to upgrade the routers. First we tried c3620-is-mz.122-17a. The code loaded, the Ethernet and serial ports worked but the ATM ports would not come up. So I went back to the software adviser and found that 12.3-1 was also recommended. Of course that version has been replaced by 12.3-1a and so I tried that. Same bad result.

I am getting the sinking feeling that support for the ATM module on the 3620 has stopped.

We have implemented the work around recommended via ACL's.

Should be just limp along on that?


Re: Upgrade path for 3620 with an NM-4T1-IMA

A few things you can check... be sure that you are loading IOS versions with the "plus" feature set. the 12.2.12a and 12.2.17a codes you tried look fine, but not sure which 12.3 images you tried.

Also be sure you have a minimum of 48MB of DRAM in your 3620.

One last thing to check is that the PCMCIA controller is revision level E (can be viewed through show ver or show diag).

Take a look through this link for more information:

Hope that helps.

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Re: Upgrade path for 3620 with an NM-4T1-IMA

We were working with the Ip-Plus feature set.

We have:

24MB Flash


The controler is rev level E

The router works with 12.2-12 (IP-Plus)

The ATM module DOES show up under 12.2.17a but the ATM links won't come up. When we reload the 12.2-12 the links come up.

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