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Upgrade server farm advice

We would like to upgrade our network(see before.gif) that supports our server farm(about 25 servers made). Mostly web and SQL databases.

Currently we have 2 2811 routers running BGP. Each is connected to a different ISP; one via T1, the other via FastEthernet 100Mb.

The routers are then connected to an unmanaged switch(100Mb). The unmanaged switch is then connected to a Checkpoint firewall.

The firewall is then connected to a second unmanaged switch. The servers are connected to this switch.

As you can see there is no redundency besides the edge routers.

Most importantly we would like to add redundency, increase the speeds, use vlans to seperate the servers.

The 6500 route is a little to expensive. We were thinking a pair of 3760 switches that will connect directly to the firewalls(see after.gif).

Advice? Suggestions?


Community Member

Re: Upgrade server farm advice

The after.gif is a good network design.

Planing redudancy at edge i.e. routers is a good idea. But according to your network design you need to configure GLBP if you want to use both T1 links.

But when comming to firewall redundancy , I think its not ok., due to checkpoint licensing costs. If you has either pix or any other low cost firewall then it would'nt have been an issue.

Comming to switch part you can take good switch like Cisco 3750 or Cisco 3560 and perform NLB on your servers by connecting multiple ports. That will increase the speed and redundancy can also be achived.

Hope that helps.


Suresh Jain

Community Member

Re: Upgrade server farm advice

Thanks!!! It really boils down to 2 sets of options which are indirectly related. Any more advice???

Option 1:

Add a second Checkpoint firewall for redundancy.


Option 2:

Scrap Checkpoint and go with 2 PIX(or ASA).


Option A:

Have the PIX/ASA/Checkpoint firewall deal with the VLAN Routing/Security and use Layer-2 switches to connect the servers to the firewall


Option B:

Purchase Layer-3 switches for VLAN Routing/Securing

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