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Upgrading a Cat6509 with Redundant SUPs

If I have redundant supervisor engines in a Cat 6509, can I do a software upgrade without incurring a network outage? For instance, can I load a new code level on my 2nd SUP and upgrade my Cat6509 by “failing” over to that SUP without an outage? Thanks.

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Re: Upgrading a Cat6509 with Redundant SUPs

If you can garentee that the second sup with the different image will operate without impacting production, enter "switch super". This takes about 2 minutes for the CAM table, STP and all else to copy accross (even though cisco markets the product as instant fail-over). Switch supervisor after hours and upgrade. Try to switch on a regualr basis to test the backup sup.

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Re: Upgrading a Cat6509 with Redundant SUPs

Which type of supervisor card are you using? (I have used the following on a SUP2 with previous upgrades from v6.3.2 up to v6.3.3)

If you set up the cards for "high availability" then the outages will be reduced to approx 3 seconds as you switch between the SUP2's (command> set system highavailability enable)

The best way to upgrade if using HA compatible versions (check CC0) is :

1) Disable the high availability mode on the active supervisor (slot 1) :

set system highavailability disable

2) Load the new software image in to the bootflash :

copy tftp:cat6000-sup2cv.6-3-3.bin bootflash:cat6000-sup2cv.6-3-3.bin

3) Verify that the new image is located in bootflash on the active supervisor :

dir bootflash:

4) Clear the current boot variable and then set to the new software version :

clear boot system all

set boot system flash bootflash:cat6000-sup2cv.6-3-3.bin

Once this boot variable has been set, the redundant supervisor card automatically initiates an internal tftp transfer to synchronise its image. (approx 2 mins)

The standby image has BTSYNC appended to the beginning of the filename.

5) Verify the new image has been transferred to the redundant supervisor (slot 2) :

dir 2/bootflash:

show boot 2

6) Setup high availability versioning on the active supervisor (required to stop auto-sync of images and is used for back-out purposes) :

set system highavailability enable

set system highavailability versioning enable

7) Set the active supervisor to boot from the old (existing) version of software :

clear boot system all

set boot system flash bootflash:cat6000-sup2cv.6-3-2.bin

8) Reset the standby supervisor (this will reboot using the new image) :

reset 2

9) Check that the standby supervisor has booted correctly using the new software :

show module

10) Verify that the two different software revisions are high availability compatible :

show system highavailability

(It is critical that the operational state of HA is on. If not then do not proceed)

11) Reset the active supervisor to move to the standby / new software version :

reset 1

12) If the system is operating as expected then proceed to synchronise the original supervisor card (else reset to revert back to the original version) :

set system highavailability versioning disable

reset 1

(This changes the boot variable on the original supervisor card to the new software version and resets it to boot the new version)

13) Check to make sure high availability operational state is on :

show system highavailability

14) Reset the active supervisor (slot2) to move processing back to the original card :

reset 2


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