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Upgrading Cisco IOS on Cat6509E

Hi All,

I am upgrading the Cisco IOS on Catalyst 6509E for the first time.I have read the procedure but still am confused.Would like to clarify my doubts?

1. I can see the IOS image in both the sup-bootflash & sup-bootdisk

[ 12.2(18)SXF4 ]

2. When I perform the upgrade should I have to do it in both the sup-bootflash & sup-bootdisk

copy tftp bootflash:

copy tftp bootdisk:

3.Remove the old boot variable & configure the new boot variable & verify using show bootvar

4.Check the config register setting as 0x2102 & then do a reload.

I don't if am right? Can anyone correct me on this (or) if you can send me a link on the documentation that would be appreciated.

5.As there are 2 sup-720's,Should I have to do the same upgrade for the slavesup-bootflash & slavesup-bootdisk?

Thanks a lot


Re: Upgrading Cisco IOS on Cat6509E


1)Check your boot variable by issuing the command 'show boot' and then copy the IOS image to the appropriate boot device.

2)If you desire you can keep the backup of the IOS image on either flash or disk, whatever you are not using to boot the device.

3)Right you need to change the boot variable to the new boot variable.

After a successful reload, verify that the new IOS image has been loaded by issuing the command 'Show Version'

Refer the following documents for details:

Hope this helps!



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