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Upgrading Cisco Routers SDRAM DIMM and Cisco Flash Memory

Hi to all Network Professionals,

I have Cisco Routers 3660 and needs to upgrade the SDRAM and Flash memory. Currently I have 96MB SDRAM memory and needs to upgrade to 128MB and my Flash memory is 32 and needs to upgrade to 64MB. Can anybody give me a step-by-step procedure because this is my first upgrading installation. I read some of the articles and procedure like I have to copy the flash memory images via tftp and from tftp coPy back flash memory agin. since there is an existing flash memory installed and need to upgarde from 32MB to 64MB do I have to copy the images to tftp? or I have to put another 32MB and reload the system? Do I need to format first the new 32MB flash memory? this are the things that I'm not sure and I dont want to take a risk for the network that is already working. Aside from this is there any procedure for upgrading the SDRAM from 96MB to 128MB or I have to removed the 96MB and replaced with 128MB and reload after this. I need your advice guys ASAP.


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Re: Upgrading Cisco Routers SDRAM DIMM and Cisco Flash Memory


If you have a flashcard, it will be very easy. I do upgrades with a flash card. First copy the ios software to a flashcard (which is in slot0: or slot1:) then change all memory and flash chips, and then reboot. because of your flash mem is new and empty, the router boots from the flashcard. after successfull reboot, you can copy ios back to your new flash mem from flashcard.

good luck..

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Re: Upgrading Cisco Routers SDRAM DIMM and Cisco Flash Memory

hi nihal,

transfering the ios image is quiet more easy as you said but I dont have flash card bigger than 32MB if you will recall I have to upgrade SDRAM DIMMS 96MB and 32MB Flash memory. The only solution for this upgrade is to transfer the image via tftp, this is my first time to upgrade an image and I am confuse by this method.


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Re: Upgrading Cisco Routers SDRAM DIMM and Cisco Flash Memory


You probably have one 64mb and one 32mb Dimm and in that case you just need to replace 32mb Dimm to 64mb.

You will need to get two 32mb simm in order to update your flash memory to 64mb.

I don't see why you will need to copy router image(other then backup) if this is only memory upgrade.

You just nee to take router down and remove the cover and install memory....

I hope this help..

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