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Upgrading CRWS in a Cisco Soho 97 ADSL Router

Hi all.

Recently I bought the above router. The last two weeks i am trying to upgrade the CRWS using the web interface but the response i get is that the router is unable to connect to the upgrade site because my wan connection is down or because the upgrade server is down. My question is how to upgrade my router to the latest version. Is this option not working?

If there is any way to upgrade the router i would like some advice and some links to the latest firmware since i was unable to find anything through the site.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Upgrading CRWS in a Cisco Soho 97 ADSL Router

If your WAN connection is down you have you setup a TFTP server in your local LAN. Then try copying these files from it .

You can refer the following document for this


Re: Upgrading CRWS in a Cisco Soho 97 ADSL Router

The problem is that my wan connection works fine but i cannot understand why the web update is not working. I would like if any of the cisco staff is reading this thread to inform us if the website the router is trying to connect is down. Also when i am trying to download the tftp server from cisco requires username and password.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

Vasilis Karakoulakis

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