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Upgrading from a 2948G-L3 to a 3550-12T.

We have a network with 3 subnets, 1 for workstations, 1 with private addresses for networked printers and switches, and 1 used by another company sharing our network infrastructure. There are no vlan's configured since traffic is fairly light. There is a 2948G-L3 at the core of the network so the 3640 Internet access router doesn't have to move traffic between the subnets. I would like to purchase a 3550-12T to take advantage of gigabit uplinks from outbuildings and other wings in the main office building. To keep the configuration simple, is it possible to configure the 3550 like the 2948G-L3 so the entire switch does routing and avoid having to configure layer3 or layer2 on a per port basis?

Thanks for any information.


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Re: Upgrading from a 2948G-L3 to a 3550-12T.

The 3550 series is very flexible. The SMI will happily switch frames within your three VLANs all day. The EMI switch is the one you want that will route. It is configured differently to the 2948G-L3 as far as inter-vlan port-channels go. The 3550 EMI allows you to configure vlans with or with out management IPs, It allows you to choose wheather or not you want to route or not that VLAN IP, or you can configure routed interfaces or subinterfaces.

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Re: Upgrading from a 2948G-L3 to a 3550-12T.

With EMI is it as simple as setting up a single vlan interface, assiging primary and secondary ip addresses; and then configuring the routing protocols for the switch and that single vlan interface?

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