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Upgrading from Resource Manager 2.1 -> 4.1


1. I am upgrading from CiscoWorks CD-ONE 2.1 on Solaris to CiscoWorks CD-ONE 4.1 (including Resource Manager) on Windows 2000. Rather than re-entering all my device information (for about 600 devices) I would like to somehow copy the database in my 2.1 version on Unix to my 4.1 version on Windows 2000. Is this possible? Does someone know the procedure exactly?

2. The existing database has errors and omissions. However, it may be easier to edit the existing database than to start over. I assume it may be easier to edit and add and delete devices AFTER the database is ported into the newer Windows2000 version than in the legacy Solaris 2.6 version. Is that reasonable?

Mahalo from Oahu for any advice you can give ...


Re: Upgrading from Resource Manager 2.1 -> 4.1

CD-One 2.1 to CD-One 4.1?. Do you mean from 2nd Edition to 4th Edition?. If this is correct and you want to do this upgrade on the same server, you can simply follow the 'Performing an Upgrade Installation' in the Install Guide. But if the OS platforms are different, then you cannot use the above procedure. In that case you can do an Export to file on one server in RME and then Import it back again on the other server after the install. But this will not give you any old saved configs etc.

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