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Uplink Fast

Scenario - Two core switches (cat 6509's) and various access switches (cat. 2950g's). The accesss switches are dual homed to each core switch.

The 2950's are in stacks of 2 or 3 with stacking gbics. i.e. A connected to B and B to C and a redundant connection between A and C. A and C also have an uplink to the cores. The stacks are not clustered.

If I deploy CSUP do I need to remove the redundant A to C link in order to endure FAST failover if a primary uplink fails?

Code is not new enough to support RSTP / MSTP

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Re: Uplink Fast

Assuming that you mean that you are deploying the Cat OS on your switches(when u r referring to deploy CSUP), I guess it shouldn't be a problem if you remove the redundant A to C link. This should work fine with the uplink.

Please confirm what you mean by CSUP since I am not very familiar with this terminology.

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