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Uplink Ports on 6509

Ok, this may seem like a very simple question for those out there, but we dont have anyone at our shop who has ever worked with switching and routing before so we are sort of stumbling our way through it.

On our test run, we have a two machines connected to the switch, and they can talk to each other fine. What we cannot do is have our 7200 series router ping either of those two hosts.

So the problem lies between the switch and the router. So my question is this. Can any port on the switch be used as an uplink port to the router or does it have to be a specific port, like on on the supervisor module? Right now we just have it plugged in to a random port, and the link lights say its active, but we arent sure if its actually transmitting anything.


John Cooke

System Admin

New Member

Re: Uplink Ports on 6509

Any port on the 6509 can be an uplink port to a router. The port on the switch can be configured like any other port that a workstation is connected to. It's a good idea to hard code the speed and duplex so there won't be any autoconfiguration mismatch.

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