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Upstream channel selection (CMTS)

We installed a uBR7223 for the Town WAN a couple of years ago, recently we decided to add the School District buildings to the WAN. The situation we have is that the T1 used by the schools doesn't come to the CMTS site but to the High School, what means all the traffic goes from HS to the rest of the schools thru the upstream channel. We are using the MC14C card and only one upstream channel is active and three are available, assuming we can get the frequencies for them. My question is; is there a way to assign a specific upstream channel to a particular cable modem? We are using a uBR900 at the high school so it allows to manage the connection from that end. I've read the documentation without any luck.


Re: Upstream channel selection (CMTS)

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Re: Upstream channel selection (CMTS)

Yes you can assign a different frequency to another upstream.If I understand your layout correctly,the school traffic is coming back to the router via the uBR900.If this is a utilization issue on that port why can't you move the school district to another port and use the same frequency?

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