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Urgent!!! Debugging

Please, I need to debug a router. I have written an access-list

access-list 110 permit any host 178.x.x.x

access-list 110 permit host 178.x.x.x any

and then wriiten

debug ip packet 110 det.

terminal monitor


1. Do I need to apply 110 as an access-group to the serial and ethernet interface?

2. I nave a no ip route-cache enable on the serial and ethernet interface, at the time these are enabled for debugging, do they interfere with normal traffic?

Thanks for your help


Re: Urgent!!! Debugging

110 is an extended list so the access-list should say permit IP .... It wont let you put it in the way it is written so I guess you have not tried it yet. I usually use log buffer and then show log instead of terminal monitor. That way if there are a lot of packet it does not flood the console.

No you do not apply it to the interface or it will actually filter everything that does not match the list. In your second question I dont see them on for debug but they (the debugs) should not interfere with traffic. Turning the function off like you have will slow traffic down.

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Re: Urgent!!! Debugging

No I do not need to apply as an access-group. Also yes the no ip route cache is needed so as to disable fast switching and enable process switching.

Thanks for your answer.

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