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Urt admin server specifications

We are using the Urt admin product (ver 2.5.2) and 2 vps 1100's to provide vlan associations for about 4000 mac addresses across 4 vtp domains. Currently this is running on a pIII 733mhz with 512 ram and plently of disk space, this is about the quoted minimum spec. We use the urt cli to add and remove associations, and periodically we need to delete about a 1000 of them in bulk, this causes the server to lock up completely. That forces us to delete them all by hand (not a pretty job), when deleting only one association at a time via the gui gives a full 100% cpu hit. The server is running win2k sp4. We are looking at replacing the hardware, can someone with more experience of running the urt admin server suggest a suitable hardware platform for our environment.

Thanks for any replies - ed spick

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Re: Urt admin server specifications

You can find the specification details in these documents


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Re: Urt admin server specifications

Thanks, I find there "URT Admin. Server

Windows 2000 server, and Windows XP Professional—Min H/W (Pentium III, 512MB DRAM, 65 MB of disk space)"

As I said in my first post this is about the spec of our current server. I've come to think that the delete function in the urt cli is just badly written, I now delete the file UrtAssociations.xml from the urt\data directory to clear out all of the current associations and re-add them all again via the cli as new whenever we have to delete any. If I try to delete more than one via the cli all I get is java out of memory errors after an hour or so.

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