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URT and network mapping


we have installed URT version 2.5.1 to assign the VLAN associated with the user. That works fine. The PC gets the right IP Address fron DHCP after few seconds. URT.bat is implemented as a group policy in the Win2000 ADS. If the user logs on, urt.bat starts as a logon script. So far so good.

Now we want to map some network devices for the users. This works fine without urt. With urt it needs about 2 minutes till the network devices are mapped. I have included the map statements in the urt.bat script at the end. I have also tried to tell URT to start a script with the map statements after finish working. Because till now (without urt) the user could start working immediately after booting the PC and some progamms can start to, the IT-Manager is not willing to accept urt if this delay is not decreased dramatically.

My question is: What is the reason that after assigning the IP address to the PC (urt should be finished) it needs additional 1 or 2 minutes that the network mapping can go on.


Re: URT and network mapping

The slowness could even be the issue with the Windows OS or shortage of the memory.

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Re: URT and network mapping

I have deployed a 500 user URT (2.5.1) system and has been deployed almost 2 years now (upgraded from earlier versions). I am seeing a problem very similar to this, it seems that when the onoffhandler.exe kicks in, in the URT logs it performs an ipconfig release/renew which takes up to 3 mins, here is the timestamped section of the log

UrtService :Tue Aug 26 15:47:08 2003: IPCONFIG /RELEASE and /RENEW

UrtService :Tue Aug 26 15:48:26 2003: GetDhcpServerAddress: Server=, IP=, Mask=, GW=, LeaseTime=1061909298

This example has taken 1 min and 18 seconds to get an ip addr, (about 2 seconds when on a static port). I do have a tac case open, but still collecting sniffer traces etc..

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