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Using a 1E2W or 2FE-2W in 2600 router

In researching using these two cards in either a 2611 or 2621, I find various docs that say both cards will work in either router. I'm running 12.2(8)T5 code IP Plus, 64M and 32F. Neither card works in either router, but both cards works fine in my 3620 router.

When I try either card in either 2600 router, the EN light is it indicating that the card is enabled during POST. But, when the router inits the bus to start the IOS load, the EN light goes out but the port on either card has a link light, speed, etc, looking just like the NM card is working. However, after the EN light goes out and the IOS finishes loading, none of the ports on the NM shows up in the config.

Is there some magic incantation I left out, a magic spell, or are these cards truly not compatible with the 2600s?

Thanks, Jeff

Cisco Employee

Re: Using a 1E2W or 2FE-2W in 2600 router

They are not supported with 2611 or 2621(NM-2FE2W is supported in 2691 though)

New Member

Re: Using a 1E2W or 2FE-2W in 2600 router

Thanks for the reply. This is just another example of how convoluted the CCO site has become - the WAN slots are supported in that module, but the FEs are not. In my humble opinion, the entire module should be marked as incompatible with the 261x and 262x, there's numerous references on CCO that this card is usable in 261x and 262x.

Thanks again.


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