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Using serial interfaces rs232 for network management.

I would like to use a serial port for network management : I need to connect the PC to the router through one serial port(com of the PC) adn the second com with the radio part.

I know that console serial ports are used for router management. So console connection cann't be routed and used for network manag. I've heard that Aux port can be configured as ip serial interface(so can be placed an ip address and routed in order to see the network) (configuring ppp), but on 2620 routers i have seen the config options for aux 0 and doesn't result any option to configure ip and ppp encaps on it!There is only modem option.

May be a serial A/S interface(with rs232 conn) can be used for this purpose!!!So can anybody tell me what serial interface (Rs 232) can I use for network management (PC connected to the router)!??


Re: Using serial interfaces rs232 for network management.

You can connect two routers back to back through an aux port using a null modem cable. You would configure the ip address, ppp encap, etc on the aux port. Here is a link with a sample config.

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Re: Using serial interfaces rs232 for network management.

Thank you for your answer!

I have tried this connection, and it's Ok, I can route and have connectivity through AUX ports of the 2 routers, but what I need to do is to connect a PC to the AUX port of the router.

I configured the PC and the AUX on the same subnet, used a rollover cable, but I cann't access the router, even ping the ASync interf ip address,even through hyperterminal from the PC.

So can you give me any idea about this kind of connection?

Thanks in advance!

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