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UT Table

Can some experts answer my question here:

What's the limitation of the UT table ?

I had 93 seed devices with 4500 host entries discovered and this is only 1/3 of our remote sites.

Thanks in advance.


Re: UT Table

Is UT the User Tracking of the Campus Manager, that you are talking about? If yes, then here is my answer to it. As far the the limit or the maximum entries or records that can be dislayed at a time is up to 10,000. As such, I dont think there is any limit for it. If more than 10,000 records need to be displayed, then the performance may degrade.

You may try finding it out in the following documents:

How To Export Data from User Tracking Using CLI

Locating Users in the Network with User Tracking

Community Member

Re: UT Table

Thanks. Yes UT meant User Tracking. I found it today about the 10,000 records on the screen. Up to this morning I have 17798 hosts discovered and will continue be added overtime. I did have a job to export the UT data

twice a day and am going to play with IP phone discovery soon. I heard there is a limitation to the sysbase used by cw2k and I would like to find out before I get stucked. Our performance is 27 min to complete discovering the above hosts. Regards,

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