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V.110 troubleshooting

Hi, I am trying to troubleshoot a V.110 connection. I am using a 5300 with a PRI card and setting up a call using q.931 on the D channel to a Seimens ESWD switch (call direction is orginating on the 5300). I am using V.110 on the B channel. The issue is that all the calls connect (q.931) but some of them fail to sync up on the V.110 framing. I took some traces on the B channel and saw that sometimes the 5300 is setting the SB bits on the 80 bit V.110 frame to 1 (off). According to my understanding of the V.110 spec, both SA and SB bits should be set to 0 (on) during the data transfer state. I wanted to see if someone had the exact break down of the SA and SB bits and the values they are set by the 5300. - Thanks.

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