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VIC-2BRI-S/T-TE compatible with 3640A?

It's said that 3640A does not suport this kind of VIC. Can anybody give me a suggestion? Thanks in advance!

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Re: VIC-2BRI-S/T-TE compatible with 3640A?

Hi Hao,

I don't see any difference between 3640A and 3640 please see below their description.

CISCO3640A=> Cisco 3600 4-slot Modular router-AC with IP Software

CISCO3640=> 3640 with AC power supply

Minimum Supported Software Release(s) per release train on VIC-2BRI-S/T-TE

12.0(2)XD, 12.0(3)T, 12.0(5)XK, 12.0(7)T, 12.0(7)XK, 12.1(1)T, 12.1(1), 12.1(5)YB, 12.1(5)YD, 12.2(1), 12.2(2)T, 12.2(2)XT, 12.2(11)YT, 12.2(15)ZJ, 12.3(1), 12.3(2)T

You can check the above information by accessing this link.

Software Advisor

You may also refer to these links for your reference.

Understanding ISDN BRI Voice Interface Cards

Cisco 3600 Series Multifunction Platforms (3620 and 3640/3640A)

I hope I was able to provide you the information that you need. :-)

Best Regards,

Ansley R. Verzosa

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Re: VIC-2BRI-S/T-TE compatible with 3640A?

Hi Ansley,

Thank you so much for your kind help!

After checking some related documents, I found that the my question posted here is meaningless. The fact is that my customer has a NM-HD-2V on his 3640A router. But he inserted VIC-2BRI-S/T-TE in to the NM-HD-2V and the problem was that the vic couldn't be recognized.

Actually, at present, VIC-2BRI-S/T-TE only supports two kinds of NMs including NM-1V and NM-2V. So it's the reason of asking such a question.

Anyway, thank you again.

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