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Visual Switch Manager for Catalyst Switches

I have used Visual Switch Manager for the past couple of years successfully using Java Runtime v1.3.1_02. I dabbled with upgrading the version of JRE, which always ended up with me losing access to the VSM.

However, we now run HP Insight Manager v7 and HP WebJetAdmin which alter the JRE setting in some way, as I lose the ability to access VSM after installing Insight Manager of WebJetAdmin.

I get prompted for the first initial password and this is accepted successfully. The 'Cisco Systems - Accessing 3548-XL Switch...' menu is displayed. Selecting the VSM option prompts again for the password, but entering the password just loops continually back to the prompt page.

The only way to resolve is to do a fresh install of JRE v1.3.1_02, which means I lose access to the other apps.

Has anyone had experience of this kind of problem and is there a solution which will allow me to access all of these apps from one browser??

We use Windows XP with IE6 SP1.

Thanks in advance.

Graham Elder

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